“So nice to meet you!”

This is my first blog. I only realized somewhat recently that I wanted to start a blog. I think it has something to do with having minor withdrawals from the things I missed doing in college, namely discussion, research, and the general sharing of ideas. I will confess to you right here and now that I am not a good writer. Sure, there are others who struggle more than I do but my lack of grammarly discipline, and my ability to keep an idea going as if I’m talking to you about it and not actually putting it into specific sentences is a flaw of mine. It will probably bother some people and I apologize here and now for it. As my professors used to tell me, “[I] have a strong voice, impressive analysis, and wonderful ideas but [I] really need to work on my writing.” Perhaps I will improve on here; and perhaps my voice, analysis, and ideas will simply make up for it… like they did in college. Haha Some subjects you can expect me to write about include: feminism; food; gardening; being an eco-conscious hippie (which can go from little houses to homemade deodorant and divacups); HISTORY; knitting/crocheting; personal growth/realizations; movies; and my journey with choosing to be a pet-only-kind-of-parent. I hope my posts will inspire thoughtful discussion, hopefully some laughter, and at least, now and then, a place for people to say, “Oh my god, me too!” TTFN-